Our zones actually look like battlefields

We’re located in the middle of dense woods which helps to deliver the ultimate
in exciting, realistic, outdoor paintbattle experiences.

Your missions, should you choose to accept them:


This battlefield zone is not for the faint of heart.

Set on a hill with wooden barricades, a small band of soldiers are tasked with protecting their command post, the Enigma Machine, and keeping it from being overtaken by the Insurgents. The Insurgents must capture the soldiers’ command post by eliminating the enemy and securing the area, come hill or high water.

Camp Cartel

What would you do to rescue an entire family from an evil drug lord?

The South American drug cartel have kidnapped a senior political figure’s son. The Special Forces must storm the cartel’s stronghold, navigating the oil drums, tyres, and crates. Special Forces must complete the mission of extracting the hostages from the parked van and into the safe zone to win the game and conquer the cartel.

Battle of the Undead

Because what’s dead doesn’t always stay dead.

The Military has been sent in to kill all of the zombies. That is, if they survive. The Zombies cannot die, they simply respawn, so the Military must navigate the gravestones and tombstones and survive the entirety of the game to win.

Whatever you do, don’t get bitten.

The Uncivilized War at Marchbrook Paintball

The Uncivilized War

Forget your manners because this is every man for himself.

The only rule to this war is: kill anything that moves. This blood-thirsty game is played on your favorite zone and the last man standing wins. May god be with you.

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